Nanotech India 2009 to be held at Cochin from August 14 - 16

Nanotech India 2009, an annual conference and business meet in nanotechnology to discuss the latest developments in nano-medicines, nano-biotechnology, nano-engineering materials and environmental nanotechnology, will be held from August 14 to 16 at Cochin, Kerala.

The conference is aimed at pulling together industry leaders, researchers, entrepreneurs and investors to create a platform for discussion on the issues and opportunities that are vital in commercializing Nanotech innovations. Though held nationally earlier, the event for the first time is going international by including overseas scientists and nanotech companies in the presenters' and participants' list.

In the three-day event which focuses on the application part of nanotech research, the third day will be dedicated to discussions and business meets in nano-medicine and nano-biotherapeutic segments. The segment would get more important place in the next year, Nanotech India 2010, as there are plans to conduct a two-day conference on nano-medicines from the next conference, informs George Varughese, managing director, AG Nanotech Impex India Pvt Ltd, the organiser of the event.


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