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Aftermath of Ryan School Gurugram Unfortunate Incident

The Unfortunate incident of killing of a student in Ryan School, Gurugram is creating problems for so many people. I don't understand why it needs such unfortunate incidents to happen for the administration to wake-up and start taking steps without any proper planning. For example: It was ordered for all School Employees to be police verified. Delhi Police is charging Rs. 250.00 for each verification. And so many police personnel have to be mobilized for this verification drive.  I was talking to a conductor of a school bus and he says for getting a conductor licence, he has been asked to pay Rs. 20,000.00. "From where will I get this money??" is what he asks me. All these steps taken by the government without proper planning are causing unnecessary anxiety to the people involved. Government wants only the paper work to complete, whether it helps to stop such unfortunate incident does not matter to them. The only thing that comes to my mind is all this will