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General Baghel Singh, Sikhs Delhi Fateh

General Baghel Singh He gave a crushing defeat to tottering Mughals Baghel Singh remained in charge of Delhi for the sole purpose of building seven Gurdwaras. In February 1783, Budha Dal numbering about 60,000 under the leadership of Jassa Singh Ahluwalia and Baghel Singh marched towards Delhi. They commenced their depredation in Ghaziabad, 20 km south of Delhi. The Sikh army won whole of northern India including Bulandshahar, Khujra, Aligarh, Hathras, Tundla, Sikohabad, about 241 km from Delhi. A very few Indians know about General Baghel Singh (1730-1802). He paid the Islamic fundamentalists in their own coins and made them construct Gurdwaras in Delhi in 1783. He paved the way for self assertion of Indians after the slavery of nine centuries under Islam. At the formation of the Dal Khalsa in March 1748, Karora Singh, a Virk Jat of village Barki in the district of Lahore, was the head of the misl (Sikh fighting group). About 20 years earlier, Karora Singh had been forcibly conver

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