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Lives, money saved by protocol-guided transfusion use at cardiac surgery

Statewide implementation of a protocol for   managing the intraoperative and postoperative use   of blood products with cardiac surgery not only cut down on   transfusion-related clinical risks, as would have been expected, it saved money . As a decision to use transfusions represents a trade-off between immediate benefit and certain inherent risks, the blood-product management plan put together by the   Virginia Cardiac Surgery Quality Initiative   (VCSQI) helped optimize the process and lowered the overall use of transfusions, cutting related mortality by half and saving about $50 million statewide over two years, reported   Dr Damien J LaPar   (University of Virginia, Charlottesville) here at the   American Association of Thoracic Surgery 2012 Annual Meeting . As the assigned discussant following LaPar's presentation,   Dr Edward D   Verrier   (University of Washington, Seattle) noted that the clinical gains from   protocol management of such blood-pr