Latitude Pharmaceuticals Initiates Two New Collaboration Programs

Latitude Pharmaceuticals or LPI, a drug formulation developer, has initiated two new collaboration programs for its Phospholipid Gel depot drug delivery platform.

The programs are designed to provide prolonged and peak-free pharmacokinetic profiles for three and seven days following a subcutaneous injection for an antibiotic and a protein drug, respectively. The new studies bring the total to seven feasibility/license agreements that are applying the Phospholipid Gel (PG) depot to deliver small molecules, peptides, and proteins for pain, metabolic disease, anti-bacterial, and cardiovascular applications.

LPI's proprietary PG depot technology is reportedly a versatile parenteral drug delivery platform for small molecules and biological therapeutics that delivers 1-7 days of low burst, peak-free sustained drug release following a subcutaneous or intramuscular injection. The PG depot is provided as a single-phase, ready-to-use, self-administration-capable gel that is injectable through fine (27G or smaller) needles.



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