Kane Biotech gets US patent for oral care technology

Kane Biotech Inc, a biotechnology company engaged in the development of products that prevent and disperse microbial biofilms announced the issuance of Patent No. 7,556,807 entitled 'Signal peptides, nucleic acid molecules and methods for treatment of caries' by the US Patent and Trademark Office. This is the second patent to issue protecting Kane Biotech's CSP (Competence Stimulating Peptide) technology.

The '807 patent discloses and claims a method of inhibiting dental plaque and treating plaque- associated conditions such as dental caries and periodontal disease using analogues of CSP peptide in oral care formulations. Dr Dennis Cvitkovitch (Dental Research Institute, University of Toronto), discoverer of CSP in Streptococcus mutans demonstrated the ability of CSP analogue peptides to inhibit streptococcal biofilm (dental plaque) formation. 


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