Bio-Solutions to market new anti-malarial drug GreenEx

Bio-Solutions Corp, will market new and very effective organic product to counter malaria; GreenEx. Malaria is the forefront of priorities for the World Health Organization. GreenEx is an organic insecticide available in solid or liquid form which neutralizes and eradicates up to 98 per cent of the larvae, within only 24 hours. Malaria is known as the most dangerous disease transmissible by mosquitoes.

Each year, over 250 million people are infected and more than one million children under the age of five years die by cause of malaria. "This organic product can be as useful in veterinary care as for human car; Bio-Solutions will advocate a specialized market strategy for GreenEx. We will offer this product as a viable alternative to the countries dissatisfied of the service offered by the multinationals. In certain cases, the demands in services and products are too small to interest these large corporations, which is not our case," ind icated Dr Gilles Chaumillon, CEO of Bio-Solutions Corp.

The malaria related market represents several hundreds of million dollars in all the forms of products used against this disease. Bio-Solutions thus integrates in its' portfolio, a product representing a large revenue potential. Malaria is an endemic disease in the tropical zones of the Americas, Asia, and most regions of Africa. However, Sub-Saharan Africa accounts for 85 to 90 per cent of deaths (mostly children under the age of five years and pregnant women).


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